Holiday Sketchbook: Rome and Santa Marinella

July 12, 2013

Cafe_stop_Ostiense (2)002

Above: Santa Marinella beach, near Rome

Our recent family holiday in Italy was a good mixture of sightseeing, exploration, eating out, beach time and relaxing together. I continued to draw and sketch, aiming to make the images as varied as the holiday itself. Here are some pages from these sketchbooks:

Santa Marinella

Santa_Marinella_terrace018 Above: Holiday roof terrace


Above: Santa Marinella beach seems to be a popular place to meet friends and family.


Above: Sitting inside the restaurant at Santa Marinella beach, there is a view of sand stretching into the distance.


Above: Just out of season, the beach is quite empty and perfect for family relaxation

Travelling to Rome


Above: Inside the train carriage, travelling from Santa Marinella to Rome. The journey takes about one hour.


Above: A puppy on the train


Above: The platform of a Rome Metro station. The system has a similar feel to the London Underground, with people going about their daily business and gazing past one another.

Days spent in Rome

Ella_at_Rome_restaurant (1)003

Lunch with my daughter at a street café

horse_Rome (1)005Above: A carriage horse waiting next to the Trevi fountains

Ella_at_Rome_restaurant (2)004

Above: The ancient Greek marble “Lion attacking a Horse” on display in the Capitoline museum, Rome


Above: People-watching in Rome

Villa Borghese gardens

Above: We strolled through an informal part of the gardens of the Villa Borghese

Centrale Montemartini museum

Above: Beautifully-lit statues on display at the Centrale Montemartini museum. This is my favourite museum so far, an old thermoelectric centre with ancient marble shown alongside the engines. It is away from the busy tourist route, a short walk from Garbatella Metro station.

Nature notes

nature_notes_Santa_Marinella (1)008

Above: “By-the-wind-sailors”, harmless jellyfish-type creatures found washed up on the beach at Santa Marinella


Above: Does this tree remind you of Mediterranean holidays? It is a stone pine, here seen close to the sea-front at Santa Marinella



Above: This pair of Etruscan winged horses really captured my imagination. They are on display on the top floor of the Vitelleschi palace in the beautiful old town of Tarquinia.

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One Response to “Holiday Sketchbook: Rome and Santa Marinella”

  1. alessandro quatrini says:

    cara Marianne,
    sono felice di ritrovarti I tuoi disegni mi emozionano e mi piacerebbe conservarne uno. Puoi dirmi come fare?

    Spero di incontrarti e conoscerti il prossimo anno a Santa Marinella oppure a Roma.


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