Sketching at last night’s jazz concert: The Georgia Mancio quartet

June 25, 2012

Yesterday’s Herts Jazz Club concert in Welwyn Garden City

Sketches of the Georgia Mancio quartet


My husband and I enjoyed the jazz performance at Campus West last night. I took along my usual sketchbook and few pencils and pens. Here are the resulting sketches. Roll your mouse over each picture for a little extra information.

Georgia Mancio led the group. Her voice has a very pleasing warm tone and she relishes the words of the songs. Below she is singing Ann Ronell’s “Willow Weep for Me”. The bassist on the left is Mark Hodgson. As you can see, we didn’t get front row seats:



These Pitt pens by Faber-Castell are fun, bold and permanent, so can be overlaid with a wash of watercolour or ink if desired.





Dave Ohm, on drums, performed some amazing solos:




and we were astonished by the skill of the bass player, Mark Hodgson. I used a black chinagraph pencil for these bold lines:



I could not see much of the pianist, Tim Lapthorn, from my seat. There is a glimpse of him with his back to us to the right hand side of this picture:


The audience cannot be forgotten. Here is my view of people focusing on Georgia as she sings “I’m Glad there is You”:

“In this world of ordinary people/ extraordinary people / I’m glad there is you”






Herts Jazz Club Website

Georgia Mancio’s Website


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