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Warm-up exercises for artists (2)

January 19, 2013

Warm-up no. 4: Free line and wash exercise inspired by Auguste Rodin   Above: Auguste Rodin drawing with wash You need:  a) Drawing(s) of dancers by Auguste Rodin (find them within this blogpost and elsewhere online). b) You will also need a photo of a dancing figure. c) For drawing, have paper that is thick enough to cope with some water […]

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Warm-up exercises for artists (1)

January 4, 2013

Some good ways to start your session in the studio   Above: Guercino “A nude woman, seated, embracing a child”, 23.4×18.1cm, pen with brown ink, brush with brown wash   Why warm up? Warm-up exercises are important for artists just as they are for athletes and musicians. There are three main reasons to “warm up” at the […]

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