Date: Friday July 6

Time: 11:30-1:30pm

Cost: £8

Whether you wish to create a traditional travel journal complete with writing and pictures, include  a few holiday images in your sketchbook this season, or are simply curious, this early-summer session is the one for you.

We shall look at pages from famous travel journals including that of Delacroix’s visit to Morocco (above). I shall also have my own holiday sketches to share with you, and copies of other contemporary artists’ travel sketches.

This will be a very practical session looking ahead to the summer holiday season. I shall suggest materials most appropriate for holiday use and enjoyable ways to use them. We shall look at ways to lay out various types of journal and sketchbook.

Please bring some basic materials (your choice of pencils, pens, a few watercolours and coloured pencils) as we shall try out holiday-friendy techniques working either from photos or, if good weather, out in the garden.

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