Workshops for Summer/Autumn 2012

July 5, 2012


Here is a list of themes for upcoming art classes. Please get in touch for more information.

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Small group art improver course



Themes for upcoming art classes

Six sessions are planned. These can be booked individually or save money by booking as a block:

Drawing children  (Fri 10 Aug, 11:30-1:30pm; £10) FULLY BOOKED

Two child models, boy and girl, will pose in gymnastics gear. We’re planning fun poses and interesting balance poses today to reignite everyone’s interest in life drawing.


How to fit people into landscapes (Fri 24 Aug; 11:30-1:30pm; £9)

Do you ever draw or paint a landscape, interior or street scene and try to add a figure? Are you left feeling that the person doesn’t “fit in” in some way? There can be several issues involved here. I’ll discuss them all and shall refer to a variety of pictures, especially Impressionist paintings. Working from photos (supplied or bring your own).


The draped figure (1)   (Fri 7 Sep; 11:30-1:30pm; £12.70)

Adult clothed model this time. If weather fine, we shall work in the garden following on from the previous session. If cold or wet, we work indoors and look at the clothes themselves on the figure, e.g. how do folds and creases appear over limbs and body, and what to do about necklines.


Pen techniques for landscape (Fri 21 Sep; 11:30-1:30pm ; £9)

Mastering the use of the pen involves coming up with a “language” of pen strokes to represent things, from clouds to edges of buildings to foliage to human hair. Landscape drawing is the best way to get started on this. We have the choice of working from photos, views through the windows, or drawing from Old Master paintings (an excellent way to learn).

Pen and wash techniques (Fri 5 October; 11:30-1:30pm; £9) FULLY BOOKED

This follows on from the previous session. I’ll show you various techniques of combining pen lines with washes of dilute ink. We’ll take a look at landscape drawings by Rembrandt and figure drawings by Guercino and others and shall work from photos of landscapes and/or figures.



The draped model (2) (Fri 19 October ; 11:30-1:30pm; £12.70)

I’ll be sure to cover different material to the previous draped model session. If weather is good then we shall work outside. I’m happy to help those who wish to make use of this and work in colour.





Some further details about these art classes:


  Codicote, Herts, near junction 6 of the A1(M). Please get in touch for address and directions.



Approximately every fortnight from August to October. Friday late mornings, 11:30-1:30pm. For each session, artists are welcome to arrive up to half an hour early in order to grab a coffee and set up, etc.



 If you pay in advance for the block of six sessions, total cost is discounted to £54.40 (payable by cash or cheque by 10 August). If attending individual classes and paying on the day, the cost of each session is as listed in their description, above. So each class costs in the region of £9 plus a small model fee where applicable.


Who can come?   

Artists at any level as I give plenty of individual feedback. If you are a complete beginner, you may prefer to do my foundation sessions first (covers measuring, basic perspective, etc.) to give you more confidence. Contact me here for more information about the foundation classes and/or for the workshops listed in this post.


What happens in a session?  

 Anyone who wants a chat, a cup of coffee or tea and/ or a better look at my art books can arrive up to half an hour early. Each session has a theme and I always come prepared with ideas and printed notes for everyone to take home with them. After a little discussion, everyone gets down to drawing. For a post about my recent class on “drapery”, click here. As you may gather,  I have a library of art books and we often refer to Old Master drawings and paintings.



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5 Responses to “Workshops for Summer/Autumn 2012”

  1. marian sheraidah says:

    I would be interested in further details of your workshops. I am not a beginner but as with everyone else could do with improvement. Do you cover all media? I do not do watercolours (and do not want to since I have been painting for some time in oils, acrylics and pastels)
    I would not be able to come every Friday but would definitely be intereste in some sessions

    • art28278 says:

      Hello Marian, Thank you for your message. I shall email you the list of provisional dates for this series of sessions and further details.
      Ideal medium varies from session to session. Some of the classes focus closely on drawing (pen and ink, graphite, pencil). You’ll probably find yourself taking home ideas from those sessions to apply to your painting. For indoor life drawing I generally suggest graphite, pastels or charcoal. Indoor sessions are held in a large living area so, if you’re keen to bring oil or acrylic paints then warn me and I’ll supply a sheet to protect the floor. If weather allows us to do some outdoor figure drawing then by all means bring oils or pastels and have some fun with colour.

  2. Susan Francis says:

    These classes sound very interesting. I am not a beginner and paint mostly in oils. However, I teach on Friday mornings and wonder if you do other days? Thank you

    • art28278 says:

      Hello Susan, When previous workshops have had a lot of interest, I have split the group and repeated the session on two different days of the same week. This may or may not happen this time (it is early days as yet and I am waiting to get more names). I shall e-mail further details of the current programme to you for your interest. Perhaps you’d like to let me know which dates would be convenient for you, and I’ll bear that in mind if I end up running extra sessions.

  3. Becky Joy says:

    Sounds like a busy schedule of classes. Have fun!

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