About Marianne Dorn

Most importantly,  I am helplessly addicted to drawing. Used sketchbooks are accumulating by the boxful, and storage space is running out.

The great appetite for drawing links in with my curiosity about objects, animals, people, plants, hills and so on. I am not necessarily so interested in how they work, but am fascinated by how they appear to us, and in how that correlates with their reality as 3D forms in the real world.

I have a scientific training (and am working as a veterinary surgeon), but can see that logical “recipes” for making pictures are rarely the way forward. On the one hand, there is the craft of using artists’ materials, on the other we need some degree of intuition to make an interesting picture. This doesn’t stop me from trying to analyse the work of great master artists and to dissect out as many useful tips as possible.

This website has been set up as a place to share ideas now and again in blog form. Do feel welcome to post comments on the blog pages with further suggestions, questions or discussion.




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  1. julia tizard says:

    hi Marianne,
    l am now the proud carer for the Pig on the Pear painting. Thank you so much for your wonderful quirky take on life.

    • art28278 says:

      Hi Julia
      Really glad you like it and lovely to hear from you. We were fond of that picture and were just wondering where it had ended up. I’ve just spent some of the proceeds on some yummy new oil colours so watch this space…
      Best wishes

  2. chris benton says:

    well done last night, winner of the HAS members vote. respect.
    best wishes
    Chris B

    • art28278 says:

      Thanks, Chris! Am looking forward to your own exhibition opening this week at the Hertford Theatre Gallery.

  3. matt says:

    dear Marianne
    the picture of the galloping horse drew my attention. It looks like an x-ray but given the motion that doesn’t seem to be the case. I wonder how this photo has been made. Could you give me some more details …?
    thank you so much

    • art28278 says:

      Hello, It is possible to create both x-ray video footage and still x-ray images of smaller animals moving on a treadmill. For example, Prof Dr Martin S.Fischer and Dr Karin E.Lilje have recorded radiographic “videos” of various dog breeds walking and running on treadmills. However, the resulting images that I’ve come across are focused in on just one part of the animal at a time. In the moving dog x-rays, there is also not quite the resolution/focus/contrast throughout the image as there is with the horse image. So, in short, I don’t know the answer to this. If you come across further information then please do share it as I’d love to know more.

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