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Perspective and emotion (3): Our place in the world

June 8, 2013

   Above: Samuel Palmer “Sheltering from the storm”, 1846, watercolour and gouache   Notice how often we use the term “perspective” in the English language when trying to convey our feelings. Take some examples:   “Try to see this problem from my perspective“, i.e. “from my point of view” “A complete change of perspective“, meaning a change […]

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Perspective and Emotion (2): The space around an object

May 12, 2013

Above: Auguste Renoir flower painting, oils, 1901 An object in a painting can seem to have such a physical presence that I am stopped in my tracks. Whether a vase of flowers or a pair of shoes, the image may insist that it really is there, a solid presence in its own space. In this second […]

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Perspective and emotion: Spaces between people

April 25, 2013

As artists we focus on ideas and emotions, so why should we bother with perspective?   Above: Rembrandt “The Supper at Emmaus”, 1629, oil on panel.   Art ideas are full of contradictions. Here is one example that fascinates me: Art itself is primarily about emotional concepts, yet artists are expected to master the technical challenges of perspective. With its ruled lines, vanishing points and […]

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