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Art workshops in Jan/Feb 2012 in Codicote, Herts

December 24, 2012

Colour Workshops   Above: Luigi Corbellii, 1901-1968, “Boy with accordeon”   The next block of art classes will be all about colour, and is scheduled for January and February 2012. To book your place, contact me by clicking here. “How to use colour” is a topic that involves science, emotion, knowledge and intuition.  As always, I shall come […]

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Conveying Movement

November 30, 2012

 I’ll give an illustrated talk in Hertford next Tuesday Above: Auguste Rodin “Woman with Swirling Veils”, c.1890, graphite, pen, red and brown ink and watercolour gouache, 17.5x11cm   The sense of movement in pictures is a great passion of mine. As part of the Hertford Society winter programme, I’ll give a presentation on “Conveying Movement” next […]

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More art classes in Hertfordshire

October 14, 2012

Art class schedule: November and December 2012 Above: detail from “Head of a Muse” by Raphael c.1490, black chalk over pounce marks, traces of stylus There is a series of four classes scheduled for Nov/Dec 2012 in Codicote on the theme of tone. If you are interested, then contact me (the sessions are almost fully […]

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Mid-August update

August 16, 2012

Summer holidays I am lucky enough to have my children at home with me during the summer holidays. This means a change of pace: There are still plenty of sketching opportunites, but it is less easy to focus on completing any large-scale work. Blog posts cannot come so thick and fast, and there has been a little break in […]

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The next horse life drawing workshop will be on 30 September 2012

July 14, 2012

Life drawing with a difference: The model is a horse! Above: J.S.Sargent “Saddle Horse, Palestine” (watercolour,1905)   What happens in an “equestrian life drawing workshop”? One or more horses are used as models during the day. These are held as still as possible by experienced handlers. Artists draw or paint at easels around the horse, just as in a […]

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Ideas for making cards, and I feature Tim’s the local art shop

July 8, 2012

  How should an artist go about making cards? I am currently putting together some ideas for a workshop on card-making for artists. The more I think about it, the wider the topic seems to be. Whatever the technique used, here are a few general pointers:   “Some golden rules of card-making” However interesting the image, it […]

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Workshops for Summer/Autumn 2012

July 5, 2012

  Here is a list of themes for upcoming art classes. Please get in touch for more information. For information about the paintings and drawings within this post, just scroll your mouse over each picture.     Small group art improver course     Themes for upcoming art classes Six sessions are planned. These can be booked […]

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