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Art and memory: Developing skills

November 7, 2013

  Above: Leslie Moffat Ward “Trees near Holdenhurst”, 1913, etching   Some techniques used by artists to develop the application of memory Approach these “exercises” in a playful, experimental way and in any order that you prefer. They are really mind games rather than true drawing exercises. These methods are primarily designed to change the way that you see and remember. […]

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The essence of an object: the role of memory

October 19, 2013

How does memory tie in with the creation of art?   A quick internet search for “memory & art” directs me to websites in which events or people are commemorated in painting, sculpture and other media. Further searching leads me to information on those who use childhood memories to create highly imaginative and unusual work. Drawing from life […]

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Holiday Sketchbook: Rome and Santa Marinella

July 12, 2013

Above: Santa Marinella beach, near Rome Our recent family holiday in Italy was a good mixture of sightseeing, exploration, eating out, beach time and relaxing together. I continued to draw and sketch, aiming to make the images as varied as the holiday itself. Here are some pages from these sketchbooks: Santa Marinella  Above: Holiday roof terrace Above: Santa […]

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A Dog’s Place

March 20, 2013

Some thoughts on drawing dogs indoors, with reference to Pierre Bonnard   Above: “Carafe, Marthe Bonnard with her dog”, by Pierre Bonnard, c.1912-15. This little dachshund is small but determined. His upright shape will not allow the viewer’s eye to wander out of the left side of this picture.   We occasionally have a special house-guest: […]

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Sketchbook drawing: Girl begging on a train

March 13, 2013

It was snowing lightly on Sunday evening and I was on my way back home from Kings Cross. Ten minutes into the journey, a homeless girl came through my train begging for money. There was a long and awkward silence amongst the passengers in the carriage. People looked away nervously.  I asked the girl if she’d mind being drawn, then […]

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Warm-up exercises for artists (2)

January 19, 2013

Warm-up no. 4: Free line and wash exercise inspired by Auguste Rodin   Above: Auguste Rodin drawing with wash You need:  a) Drawing(s) of dancers by Auguste Rodin (find them within this blogpost and elsewhere online). b) You will also need a photo of a dancing figure. c) For drawing, have paper that is thick enough to cope with some water […]

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How to draw horse eyes part (2): close-up detail

September 17, 2012

A closer look at the horse’s eye   Above: a sensitive photo of “Oso”by Shelley Liddell   When is it useful to draw the eye in detail? In most situations, the general shadow-shape of the eye is almost all that you need when drawing a horse. For advice for artists on the shape and position of […]

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Dogs at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Nice

August 8, 2012

 A gallery visit and some surprise dogs My sketch of Michel de Tarkowsky’s bronze sculpture, “Les deux amis”, 1901 Nice is a perfect holiday destination for artists. This part of southern France is renowned for its wonderful natural light and has traditionally been a destination for those who wish to paint outdoors. Even if you […]

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Tips on sketching at the beach: Which materials to use

August 2, 2012

 Holiday in southern France   A practical approach to sketching on the beach A busy beach is a fantastic place to draw people. Some will rest in one position long enough for a quick sketch, though you may also wish to pay attention to those who are playing, stretching, drying their hair, etc. Beach sketching has some advantages […]

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Sketching at last night’s jazz concert: The Georgia Mancio quartet

June 25, 2012

Yesterday’s Herts Jazz Club concert in Welwyn Garden City Sketches of the Georgia Mancio quartet   My husband and I enjoyed the jazz performance at Campus West last night. I took along my usual sketchbook and few pencils and pens. Here are the resulting sketches. Roll your mouse over each picture for a little extra […]

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