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Line and emotion: a warm-up exercise

September 29, 2019

Introduction Why warm up? Creating visual art can be a wonderfully free and intuitive process. But, for a bit of “fine tuning”, it’s worth starting off your day in the studio with a warm up exercise or two. A quick physical warm up is as useful for the artist as it is for the dancer […]

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Which colours recede, and which appear to come forward?

February 8, 2013

Have you ever noticed how some colours within a picture can give the impression of jumping out towards you, while others seem to melt back into the distance? Vivid, vibrant colours tend to be very prominent, especially when surrounded by dull greys and browns. Take, for example, the bright blue seafront house halfway along the row […]

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Warm-up exercises for artists (2)

January 19, 2013

Warm-up no. 4: Free line and wash exercise inspired by Auguste Rodin   Above: Auguste Rodin drawing with wash You need:  a) Drawing(s) of dancers by Auguste Rodin (find them within this blogpost and elsewhere online). b) You will also need a photo of a dancing figure. c) For drawing, have paper that is thick enough to cope with some water […]

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Warm-up exercises for artists (1)

January 4, 2013

Some good ways to start your session in the studio   Above: Guercino “A nude woman, seated, embracing a child”, 23.4×18.1cm, pen with brown ink, brush with brown wash   Why warm up? Warm-up exercises are important for artists just as they are for athletes and musicians. There are three main reasons to “warm up” at the […]

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