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How to draw horse eyes, part 1

September 10, 2012

General structure and position of horse eyes  Above: Leonardo da Vinci’s “Studies of horses’ heads” c.1481, metalpoint Introduction This post is the first of a short series on “how to draw horse eyes”. Instead of giving you step-by-step instructions on copying a horse eye, I shall provide plenty of tips and ideas that you can apply to your […]

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Drawing horse heads: The main planes of the head

May 31, 2012

Today I explain the basics of horse head structure for artists Quite a lengthy post this time, but plenty of ideas and beautiful images to enjoy…. First, a quick look at  two-dimensional horse head images A very simple horse head can be drawn using just a few lines to create a recognisable and beautiful image. For example, the following drawings […]

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Thoughts on horse anatomy: The hindlimbs

May 12, 2012

   Some thoughts on horse hind limbs with reference to Great Master drawings   Above: Jacques Callot (1592-1635) “Study of a Horse”, quill and reed pen and iron gall ink, 23.5×28.6cm Basic structure of the hindlimbs The hindlimbs have the kick and thrust to propel the horse forward. Much of the muscle bulk is up high […]

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More lovely horse anatomy: The rear view

May 9, 2012

 Tips on drawing the back end of the horse, with reference to paintings by Great Masters     If, when drawing a horse, you find yourself positioned behind it, you have not drawn a short straw. The rear of the horse is full of design possibilities. You have the great masses of muscle ready to […]

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Some beautiful aspects of horse anatomy

April 26, 2012

 Today I shall consider beautiful edge contours of the horse. In particular, I shall look at those of the chest and front limbs.     I’m currently thinking about the beauty of edges, and am also looking ahead to next month’s equestrian life drawing class.   Initial impressions of the horse As an artist standing […]

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