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Composition dogs: part 3

November 6, 2014

Dogs and owners: Spaces between   Above: “Eli and David”, by Lucian Freud, 2005-6. A portrait of David Dawson (Freud’s assistant and friend) with his whippet. I find “Eli and David” remarkable both as a powerful composition and for the way in which it demonstrates a key aspect of human-canine relationships. This man, painted with all his human flaws and concerns, […]

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Composition dogs: part 2

October 12, 2014

A dog at the table: two pictures to compare In this second part of my short series on dogs in composition, lets compare two paintings. Both painted in France in the 1860s, each of these pictures shows figures at a table, and each artist has included a single dog as a key part of the composition. […]

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Composition dogs: part 1

October 10, 2014

Above: “Henrietta and Ollie” by Tim Hall (Click on the image for a closer view) Dogs in pictures can be very engaging but, in the hands of an expert artist,  their use goes far beyond mere representation. In this and the next post, I’ll discuss complex images in which a dog plays a key role. Our canine companions can form all […]

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A Dog’s Place

March 20, 2013

Some thoughts on drawing dogs indoors, with reference to Pierre Bonnard   Above: “Carafe, Marthe Bonnard with her dog”, by Pierre Bonnard, c.1912-15. This little dachshund is small but determined. His upright shape will not allow the viewer’s eye to wander out of the left side of this picture.   We occasionally have a special house-guest: […]

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Memory pictures in progress

November 19, 2012

Exploring ideas around identity and memory  Above: Vincent Van Gogh “Landscape with ploughed fields”, 1889, oil on canvas Starting points for art: Working from life vs. an emotional starting point I spend much of my time drawing and painting from life. Shapes, colours, tones and volumes interacting with one another in the real world are intriguing […]

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Dogs at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Nice

August 8, 2012

 A gallery visit and some surprise dogs My sketch of Michel de Tarkowsky’s bronze sculpture, “Les deux amis”, 1901 Nice is a perfect holiday destination for artists. This part of southern France is renowned for its wonderful natural light and has traditionally been a destination for those who wish to paint outdoors. Even if you […]

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Border Terrier in Pastels

June 9, 2012

    A drawing of my terrier, Freddy, in pastels   Border terriers are renowned for being healthy and lively well into their old age. When my little dog suddenly slowed down at about 15 years old, I not only started him on painkillers and Aktivait but also made it my priority to do this portrait. […]

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Sketching pets: which medium to use

May 27, 2012

Sketching pets in various media     Today I discuss which media are best suited to sketching your pet. The illustrations here are pictures from my own sketchbooks, mostly of my Border Terrier, Freddy.   Pen and ink drawing   For the last few years, pen and ink has been the main medium used in my sketchbooks. Both rollerball […]

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Sketchbook dog drawings

May 24, 2012

Ideas and tips for sketching your pet at home     Today I shall share some of the  dog drawings from my sketchbooks. This post is in memory of my Border Terrier, Freddy, who recently died at age 17 years.    Here are some suggestions for drawing pets, this time illustrated by sketches of my own dog. These tips […]

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Freddy pastel sketch


April 23, 2012

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