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Dance and art part 2: Some practical approaches to drawing or painting the dancing figure

December 1, 2020

Drawing or painting a dancer presents us with a special problem. How can we use a still image to represent a moving figure? There are many possible ways to go about this intriguing challenge. Part 1 of this two-part mini series gave tips on suggesting movement and expression when painting or drawing dancers. Part 2 […]

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Nude leaning ink and pastel

Life drawings

December 16, 2018

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Lighting the artist’s model…human or equestrian

October 11, 2012

Starting to think about tone, value and mood Above: Edward Hopper “Seated Male Nude” 1923-4 A tonal approach to life drawing Going back and forth to repeated life drawing sessions, it is easy for artists to run out of ideas and inspiration. Why not just stay at home and work from photos (we have no […]

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Life drawing tutorial: Estimating slopes and angles

August 28, 2012

Which way are bits of your life model tipping?   Why are diagonal lines so important in life drawing? A great way to bring interest to a life drawing composition (whether human or animal) is to create powerful diagonal lines within the picture. These may be produced by an actual tipping of the body, by limbs crossed or out at an […]

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