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The essence of an object (2): The thing-ness of a thing

September 16, 2013

Above: Henri Matisse “Branch of a Judas Tree”, 1942, charcoal on paper, 25.2×39.4cm     Writing in 1947 about some fig leaves that he was drawing, Matisse described how he was searching for the qualities that made them “almost unmistakably fig leaves”. He did not want to record exact copies of particular leaves, complete with their idiosyncratic […]

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Warm-up exercises for artists (1)

January 4, 2013

Some good ways to start your session in the studio   Above: Guercino “A nude woman, seated, embracing a child”, 23.4×18.1cm, pen with brown ink, brush with brown wash   Why warm up? Warm-up exercises are important for artists just as they are for athletes and musicians. There are three main reasons to “warm up” at the […]

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How to draw horse eyes part (3): Expression and mood

September 29, 2012

  Above: Detail from “Equestrian portrait of Charles I” by Anthony Van Dyck, c1637-8 Some thoughts on horse eye expression for artists To complete my thread on eyes for equestrian artists, here are some thoughts on eye expression. As any horse handler knows, the mood of a horse can be undertood from their body language. Eye expression does […]

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The Journal of Eugene Delacroix: Ideas and inspiration

June 20, 2012

 A review of “The Journal of Eugene Delacroix”   I have thoroughly enjoyed absorbing this book bit by bit over the past few months. It is not only an intimate  portrait of Delacroix, but also sparkles with ideas about human nature, art, the natural world, music and philosophy.   My personal interest in Delacroix It was […]

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