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Art and memory: Developing skills

November 7, 2013

  Above: Leslie Moffat Ward “Trees near Holdenhurst”, 1913, etching   Some techniques used by artists to develop the application of memory Approach these “exercises” in a playful, experimental way and in any order that you prefer. They are really mind games rather than true drawing exercises. These methods are primarily designed to change the way that you see and remember. […]

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The essence of an object: the role of memory

October 19, 2013

How does memory tie in with the creation of art?   A quick internet search for “memory & art” directs me to websites in which events or people are commemorated in painting, sculpture and other media. Further searching leads me to information on those who use childhood memories to create highly imaginative and unusual work. Drawing from life […]

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Memory pictures in progress

November 19, 2012

Exploring ideas around identity and memory  Above: Vincent Van Gogh “Landscape with ploughed fields”, 1889, oil on canvas Starting points for art: Working from life vs. an emotional starting point I spend much of my time drawing and painting from life. Shapes, colours, tones and volumes interacting with one another in the real world are intriguing […]

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