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October 14, 2012

Art class schedule: November and December 2012

Above: detail from “Head of a Muse” by Raphael c.1490, black chalk over pounce marks, traces of stylus

There is a series of four classes scheduled for Nov/Dec 2012 in Codicote on the theme of tone. If you are interested, then contact me (the sessions are almost fully booked, but we’ll see what we can arrange). Total cost for all four sessions is £30. Unless otherwise advised, all sessions run from 10:30am-12:30.

Nov 2nd: “Shadows and form; advanced pencil techniques”

Understanding light and shade on objects and people. Please bring cartridge-type paper and a small selection of pencils from HB to 6B or even softer.

Nov 16: “Shadows and drama”

We’ll investigate the psychological impact of shadows and consider how to use lighting to create a mood. Please bring pencils and/or charcoal, plus your choice of paper.

Above: Christopher Le Brun “The Departure”

Nov 30: “Shiny things and highlights”

From hair to jewellery, we’ll investigate how to draw shiny things convincingly in monochrome.

Dec 14: “Light and shade in portraiture”

How directional lighting will change the appearance of a head. We’ll consider how to set up lighting for a portrait. Please bring pencil, charcoal or other monochrome media of your choice.

Above: Rembrandt self portrait at age 22 years

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